Hurst Green Parish Council

Neighbourhood Plan

Hurst Green is taking the opportunity given by the Localism Act of 2011 to have a genuine influence on the future development of our own community by creating a Neighbourhood Plan which will carry full legal status once it is made (adopted).


Working in close cooperation with the District Planners but always with the best interests of Hurst Green, the Steering Group and its Task Groups are predominantly made up of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to get involved, please do contact the Clerk or any of the Council's Councillors.


Please visit Hurst Green to 2030, our separate neigbourhood plan website for more information:



Upcoming Meetings


The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group usually meets once a month, usually on the third Tuesday of each month at the Village Hall starting at 7.30pm. All meetings are held in public, who are warmly invited to come along to hear about progress.


Note: since March 2020, meetings have been held via public teleconference due to coronavirus meeting restrictions.