Hurst Green Parish Council

Local planning applications

The Parish Council is not a planning authority and as such does not make final decisions on planning applications; in most cases Rother District Council is the Planning Authority (in some cases East Sussex County Council). However, the Parish Council has a right to receive notification of all planning applications relating to the parish and if comments are submitted by the Parish Council, the District Council must take them into account when determining the application. The Parish Council is also able to comment on any application made within the District.


Each week the Parish receives a copy of the 'weekly list' which details all applications received in the District. All planning applications can be viewed on the Rother District website. - just click on "Accept" Terms and Conditions and then on the next page select 'Hurst Green' from the drop-down 'Parish' box, enter to and from dates and click 'search'. Any individual application can then be accessed by clicking on the reference number in the left hand column.


Planning applications are considered by the Parish Council which meets monthly.

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